Business Exhibition Training & Support Agency (BETSA)

Business Exhibition Training & Support Agency (BETSA)


Q: Where will the BETA be situated?

A: The plan is to have BETA franchises in all key areas around the community together with the services that can be delivered globally online.

Q: How will the academy help the community?

A: Startups and scale-ups will benefit from subsidised training on e-commerce and digital marketing, whilst consumers will benefit from the online and on premise exhibitions being staged for their enjoyment.

Q: How will BETA benefit businesses?

A: The academy will provide a range of digital services such as :explainer videos, digital portfolios, avatars, animated presentations and panoramic tours.

Q: How will BETA benefit traditional businesses that are not online?

A: Apart from providing the training and support to digitise businesses, the academy will stage Business Expo's so that ALL businesses get a chance to exhibit their products and services to the community at large.

Q: Where will all the profits go?

A:  The academy is  part of the Black Gifted Network not-for-profit community social enterprise , all profits raised will be re-invested back into the community.

Q: How come we get vouchers and merchandise for our pledges?

A:  Pledges from campaign supporters are typically rewarded on a reward based crowdfunding platform such as ours.


Did you know the UK e-commerce is worth £100bn per year ?

BETA will provide the facilities required to train and support our community to create online businesses so that we can stake our claim in the £100bn UK digital revolution. BETA will also specialise in the provision of modern digital services to support new and existing businesses to better market and promote their products and services online.  High street shops are rapidly declining, so now more than ever is the time to embrace the capability and accessibility of the internet together with the power of social media.

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Did you know the UK eCommerce (online) Industry is worth £100bn per year? Help build the Business Agency that will teach our community how to start an online business and provide state of the art digital business services to our community Businesses. You're too BLACKGIFTED to miss out!
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